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Family Reunion Photo session at the Agakhan Garden in Devon Alberta
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Are you searching for the ideal location to capture timeless memories with your family? Look no further than the enchanting Aga Khan Garden nestled in Devon! This hidden gem offers a picturesque backdrop for family reunions and extended family photoshoots alike. Let’s delve into why this garden is the ultimate destination for your next family […]

Explore the Aga Khan Garden in Devon: The Perfect Family Photography Destination


Tips and tricks for low light photography
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Low-light photography can be both challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re capturing a breathtaking night scene, a cozy candlelit dinner, or the magic of the night sky, knowing how to handle low-light situations is crucial for any photographer. In this blog, we’ll explore a variety of tips and techniques to help you master low-light photography and […]

Mastering Low-Light Photography: Tips and Techniques

Tips and tricks

Extended Family Photo Session in Edmonton Alberta
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Hey there, picture-perfect families! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of extended family portraits—where love, laughter, and legacy come together to create something truly special. Snapping Multigenerational Moments Extended family photos aren’t just snapshots; they’re like family reunions in a frame! With grandparents, parents, and kids all in one shot, they tell the story of […]

Why Extended Family Portraits Are Worth It: A Simple Guide for Families


Impact of Corporate Headshots on Professional Networking
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In today’s digital landscape, where visuals reign supreme, establishing a strong and recognizable brand presence is essential for success. As a photographer, I recognize the paramount importance of seamlessly incorporating your brand identity into your photos. In this blog post, we’ll delve into ten expert tips to empower you in effectively showcasing your brand through […]

10 Expert Tips for Incorporating Your Identity in Captivating Photos

Tips and tricks

What to wear for an engagement session
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Congratulations on your engagement! As you prepare for your special day, your engagement session attire holds immense significance. It’s a chance to capture your love in timeless photographs. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I understand the importance of choosing the perfect attire for your engagement session. Your choice for what you wear for your session […]

Styled with Love: A Guide to Picture-Perfect Engagement Session Attire


outdoor wedding setup at the AgaKhan Botanical Gardens located just outside of Edmonton
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Embrace the allure of hosting your wedding at the University of Alberta Aga Khan Garden in Devon, AB. This breathtaking venue offers meticulously designed landscapes and cultural significance, providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. Scenic Beauty: Nestled in Devon, the Aga Khan Garden boasts picturesque landscapes, reflecting pools, and stunning water features inspired […]

Discover the Exquisite Beauty of Aga Khan Garden: A Unique Wedding Venue in Devon, AB


Scenic Wedding Venue in Edmonton Alberta
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Planning an intimate wedding can be an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing you to focus on the essence of your love story and share it with your closest friends and family. Edmonton, with its charming blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, offers a range of breathtaking venues that are perfect for hosting an unforgettable intimate […]

Creating Unforgettable Intimate Weddings: Edmonton’s Top Venues


Intimate Wedding Venues in Alberta
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Planning a wedding is a beautiful journey that begins with choosing the perfect venue. For couples seeking a more intimate and personal setting, Alberta offers a treasure trove of hidden gems that provide a magical backdrop for their special day. From rustic cabins nestled in the Rocky Mountains to charming vineyards in the heart of […]

Alberta’s Hidden Gems: Intimate Wedding Venues for Your Special Day


Unique Wedding Venue Located just outside Edmonton
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Embarking on the exhilarating journey of planning your dream wedding in Edmonton opens up a world of possibilities. Engaged couples harbor specific desires and expectations for their special day, and in this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top five things that couples commonly seek in Edmonton. With a particular focus on Touched By Light […]

Crafting Your Dream Wedding in Edmonton: Top 5 Desires of Engaged Couples

Engagements, Weddings

Ring shot of both hands on top of bouquet
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The journey of wedding planning is exhilarating, and at its core is the crucial decision of choosing the perfect wedding photographer. As brides embark on this quest, concerns often surface, ranging from photography styles to budget considerations. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top five concerns brides commonly have regarding wedding photography […]

Navigating Wedding Photography Concerns: A Comprehensive Guide for Brides


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