Amazing Locations for Family Portraits in Edmonton AB

Fall family photos - Edmonton Alberta


As a photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph many families. One of my favorite things about this job is getting to know different people and their families. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than capturing someone’s personality in an image.
I love photographing families because it reminds me of how important it is to have those around us who love us unconditionally. Family portraits are an opportunity for you to create memories that will last forever with your loved ones!

City Centre

City Centre
Alberta Legislature Grounds: This is a great place to get your family photos taken if you’re looking for something with a little more history. The grounds are located right in the heart of Edmonton and they’re perfect for taking photos during daylight hours.

Muttart Conservatory: You can’t go wrong with this beautiful botanical garden that has been around since 1974! It also happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Alberta–so if you don’t have time (or patience) for waiting in line, try going at night when there aren’t many people around.
High Level Bridge: This bridge crosses over North Saskatchewan River Valley which makes it an ideal spot for portraits with breathtaking views!

River Valley

  • Rabbit Hill Snow Resort
    Located just south of Edmonton, this ski hill is a great place to take photos during the winter months. There are plenty of places to get some good shots of your family on the slopes or at their lodge.
  • Fort Edmonton Park
    This historical park is filled with beautiful buildings that make for fantastic photo opportunities! You can also take advantage of their free photo studio if you want something more professional-looking than what you could do yourself (and don’t want any lines!). The staff here knows how important it is for families to have quality pictures taken together so they’ll work with you no matter how big or small your group may be.
  • Whitemud Park/River Valley Area

University of Alberta

Butterdome, University of Alberta
The Butterdome is a multi-purpose arena on the campus of the University of Alberta. It’s also a great spot for family portraits because it has lots of natural light, as well as some fun architecture that you can use to your advantage in your photos.
If you’re looking for something more unique than just standing in front of an old building or statue, consider taking your family portrait at one of these locations:

  • Lister Centre (located at 114 Street & 83 Avenue) – This building was designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and opened in 1981 as Edmonton City Hall before being rebranded as The Lister Block after being sold off by the city in 2011. It makes an excellent backdrop if you want something modern but still historic!


Edmonton City Hall is a great place for family portraits. The building has beautiful architecture, and it’s located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. If you want to take photos with the iconic Alberta Legislative Building as your backdrop, this is where you should go!
Sir Winston Churchill Square is another popular spot for family portraits because there are many interesting things around this area that can help make your photos unique. For example, there’s an ice skating rink where people can skate during winter months or play hockey during summer months (depending on which season it is). There are also several fountains that provide water features when they’re turned on at certain times throughout the year–they’re especially nice when they have lights shining down on them at night! Jasper Avenue has lots of stores and restaurants where families can stop along their way home from their portrait session so they don’t get hungry while waiting around afterwards either 🙂

Arts District

The Arts District is one of the best places to take family portraits. The Royal Alberta Museum, Art Gallery of Alberta and Edmonton Valley Zoo are all located in this area and offer a variety of photo opportunities for you and your family.

The Royal Alberta Museum has many exhibits that allow you to capture some great shots together as a group or individually with your children (or pets). You can also go outside on their patio area where there is plenty of space to run around while still being close enough together that everyone gets into the shot!
The Art Gallery Of Alberta has lots of indoor spaces where you can take pictures during winter months when it’s too cold outside. They also have an outdoor sculpture garden which would be perfect if you want something different than just being inside all day long!

Edmonton Valley Zoo has lots of animals available for picture taking purposes including elephants, giraffes and lions!

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is a great place for families to spend the day. There are so many things to do there, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide what you want to do first.
The World Waterpark is one of the largest indoor waterparks in North America and has something for everyone: tubular slides, wave pools and more! If you’re looking for something more relaxing than a roller coaster ride or splashdown slide, try out Galaxyland’s Starlight Cafe–it’s got great food at reasonable prices (and they even have vegan options). If you’re up for some ice skating action then head over to Ice Palace where they’ve got an Olympic sized rink with professional lessons available onsite as well as public skating sessions throughout the day/evening hours (plus rentals).

Historic Sites

If you’re looking for a unique place to take your family portraits, consider these historic sites.

  • Fort Saskatchewan: The town of Fort Saskatchewan was founded as a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post in 1794. Today, visitors can explore the remains of this fort by walking along a trail that leads past several historical buildings. These include an interpretive centre and an old cemetery where many early settlers are buried. This site is also home to an annual summer fair called “Fort Days,” which features live music performances as well as food vendors selling traditional foods like pemmican (a mixture of dried meat) or bannock bread made from flour mixed with water or milk.*
  • Elk Island National Park: This park offers both indoor and outdoor activities for families who want something fun but different from typical tourist destinations like Banff National Park or Jasper National Park.*
  • Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village: This living history museum offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Ukrainian culture through tours led by costumed interpreters who teach them how people lived during different periods throughout history.*

Edmonton North

When it comes to family photography, there’s no better place than the North Saskatchewan River. The river runs through Edmonton and makes for some great photo opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an urban backdrop or something more natural, this is your spot!

Castrol Raceway is also a great option if you want to get some shots of your kids in action (or just playing around). There are lots of places where they can run around and get their energy out before the shoot starts so that they’ll be ready when you need them!

Telus World of Science has many different exhibits that will make interesting backdrops for portraits–especially if your family loves science! It’s easy enough to walk around inside this building without too much trouble but there are also plenty of spaces outside where you can take photos as well.


Edmonton is a great place to take family portraits. There are many locations that you can use for your photo shoot, and each one has its own unique feel. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try taking pictures at Fort Edmonton Park or Old Strathcona. If you want something more modern and urban, then check out places like Whyte Avenue or the Muttart Conservatory!


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